Latin American & Iberian Studies Alumni

  • Alumnus
  • 2008

Client Services and Prevention Director at Tahoe SAFE Alliance

  • 2011

Assistant Professor at Quinsigamond Community College

Rafaela Acevedo-Field
  • 2005

Assistant Professor in History at Whitworth University

  • 2002

Asst. Professor of Sociology- Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo

Miguel Becerra
  • 2010

Program Assistant at Jodi House & Translator/ Interpreter at Goleta Union School District

  • Alumni

Special Education Teacher, LA Unified School District

Luz Maria Cabral
  • 2006

Administrative Assistant at Office of International Students and Scholars UCSB

  • Alumni

Organizer at UAW Local 5810, Los Angeles

  • Alumni

Acquisitions, Special Collections, Louisiana State University Library

Cheryl Frei
  • 2012

Ph.D. in Latin American History at UCSB


Latin American and Iberian Studies Master of Arts Theses


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