The program in Latin American and Iberian Studies draws on faculty members all across campus. Faculty affiliates are based in their home departments and contribute to the Latin American and Iberian Studies program by offering courses at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels, mentoring students, and participating in program activities. You can search the program website for individual faculty members under Faculty – Alphabetical. Their individual listings are linked to their departments’ or their own websites. 

Professional researcher affiliates are included under the Faculty – Alphabetical and Faculty-Fields. Although they do not offer courses on a regular basis, they are valuable participants in the program with expertise in Latin American and Latino issues.

  • Alumnus
  • 2008

Client Services and Prevention Director at Tahoe SAFE Alliance

  • 2011

Assistant Professor at Quinsigamond Community College

  • Director

Director, Phelps Administrative Support Center

  • (805) 893-3527
  • Phelps Hall 5206A
Rafaela Acevedo-Field
  • 2005

Assistant Professor in History at Whitworth University

  • 2002

Asst. Professor of Sociology- Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo

  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., History of Science: Harvard University. Maya hieroglyphic history, Mesoamerican art, experimental archeology, science studies, culture theory.

  • (805) 893-5713
  • South Hall 1710
  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Politics: New York University. Security politics, police-military relations, humanitarian law and authoritarian states, as well as state violence against racial and sexual minorities in the cities of Latin America and the Middle East.

  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Sociology: UC Riverside. Globalization, labor, social movements, race and ethnic relations, Latin American Studies.

  • (805) 893-5709
  • South Hall 1706
  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Political Science: Harvard University. Political philosophy & social theory, identity & intersectionality, Chicana/Latina feminist thought, ace, ethnicity and politics, especially U.S. Latina/o Politics, gender studies.

Miguel Becerra
  • 2010

Program Assistant at Jodi House & Translator/ Interpreter at Goleta Union School District

  • Professor

Ph.D., University of Southern California. Contemporary Peninsular Literatures, Transatlantic Studies, Latin America (Peru) and Spain's stateless nations (Galicia).

  • Professor

Ph.D., University of Cambridge. Cultural studies; development studies; feminist studies; social representation.

  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Toronto. Medieval Europe, medieval and early modern Spain, cross-cultural interaction in the medieval Mediterranean, comparative slavery.

  • Alumni

Special Education Teacher, LA Unified School District

  • Professor

Borderlands History; Anthropology and History; Gender & Violence, the Professoriate in the 21st Century

Sociocultural Anthropology (borderlands, indigenous studies, ethnohistorical methods and theory, comparative slavery, non-profit missions, management and governance, the professoriate in the twenty-first century.

  • Professor

Ph.D., Political Science: Stanford University. Democratization, political parties, social mobilization, Mexico, Brazil.

  • Professor

International human rights


  • Professor

Ph.D., Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley

Sociocultural linguistics; language and identity; language and youth; language and race; language, gender, and sexuality; African American English; Chicano English and Spanish; language in California; discourse, cognition, and culture


  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Ethnic Studies: UC Berkeley. Religion & race in the United States; Asian American/Pacific Islander religions; Chicano/Latino religions; American religions; religion in the American West & Pacific Rim; syncretism/hybridity and religious change; Religion under colonialism; Religion & science fiction.

Luz Maria Cabral
  • 2006

Administrative Assistant at Office of International Students and Scholars UCSB

  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Hispanic Studies: Harvard University. Golden Age Drama and poetry; Spanish, Caribbean, and South American theatre and performance; intercultural studies.

  • Alumni

Organizer at UAW Local 5810, Los Angeles

  • Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Portuguese: University of Haute-Bretagne. Portuguese and Brazilian literatures, Comparative Literature (narrative, short stories, XIXth century adultery novel).

  • Assistant Professor

Linguistic description and theory, phonology, morphology, historical linguistics, language documentation, typology, lexical semantics, lexicography, language and culture, Mesoamerica, Otomanguean languages