LAIS welcomed their new cohort of graduate students at the Fall 2019 Welcome Lunch. Pictured are Rosa Rodriguez, Liz Marchante, Cecilia Méndez (LAIS Director), Katia Rodriguez and Jennifer Amador. To learn more about our students:

LAIS Undergraduate Conference 2019! 

Chair of Global Studies, Mellichamp Professor of Global Governance, Prof. Alison Brysk and Gildred Professor of Latin American Studies, Emiritus, Prof. Terry Lynn Karl at the LAIS Undergraduate Conference 2019. 

LAIS End of the Year Picnic. Program Vice-Director Juan Cobo with LAIS Undergraduates at Goleta Beach, May 2019.

Visiting Faculty, Prof. Juan Carlos Estenssoro delivers his public lecture "The Inescapable Indian: Yeguas, chunchos, and serranos" on May 7th, 2019. McCune Conference Room.

Professor Juan & Natalie Cobo's Book Launch. Panel Discussion with Prof. Cecilia Méndez, Prof. Juan Pablo Lupi, and Visiting Faculty Juan Carlos Estenssoro. McCune Conference Room. Spring 2019

Dr. Terry Lynn Karl delivers keynote address at LAIS Undergraduate Conference 4/10/2019

Dean of Social Sciences, Charles Hale delivers closing remarks at the LAIS Undergraduate Research Conference, Spring 2019. 

Matt Kern at LAIS Undergraduate Conference 2019

Welcome to Latin American and Iberian Studies

Latin American and Iberian Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara examines the people and cultures of Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries throughout the world. Such study encompasses not only Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, but also Angola, Mozambique, the Philippines, Macao, and the Chicano and Puerto Rican populations in the U.S. However, most students center their studies on Latin America.

Latin American and Iberian Studies examines the whole culture or civilization, not only throughout the humanities and fine arts, but also throughout the social sciences and history. This allows students to explore a variety of topics - in addition to Spanish and Portuguese language and literature - such as Latin American anthropology, the history of Spain and Portugal, and the political life of Latino communities.