UCSB Latin American and Iberian Studies Program

Video of the Welcoming Remarks of the Alumni Reunion, including Chancellor Henry Yang’s speech!

On April 29th, 2021 the LAIS program hosted the first day of the Alumni Reunion and Career Panels. The recording of the opening remarks is available here:https://youtu.be/R15HZnz8PnM In the opening remarks, we hear from Chancellor Henry Yang,  Acting Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts Mary Hancock, LAIS Former Director John Foran (Sociology), LAIS Director Cecilia Méndez (History) and LAIS senior and incoming Master’s student Amy Houser. The program of events and bios of the speakers are available on our website.

Contents of the Video

Speech by Chancellor Henry Yang: 1:22

Words by Acting Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts, Mary Hancock: 5:49

Words by former LAIS Director, Professor John Foran:  9:18

A History of LAIS, by LAIS senior Amy Houser:  12:33

Final remarks by LAIS Director, Professor Cecilia Méndez 25:20