UCSB Latin American and Iberian Studies Program

Carina Paredes-Rivera

LAIS Graduate Student

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Hello! My name is Carina Paredes-Rivera. I am a first year graduate student in the LAIS program. I studied at UCSB as an undergrad, majoring in both English and Spanish, and minoring in translation. My research interest lies in the feminist literature movement. I focus on the forgotten writers of the Generation of ’27, in Spain. I have studied and translated poems from Concha Mendez, a forgotten poet and member of las sinsombreros in the Generation of ’27, with Professor Silvia Bermudez. The LAIS program is an amazing program that supports an interdisciplinary research approach. The faculty consists of many professors I have worked with, who have provided information from historical background, to politics during the Generation of ’27, and more.