Undergraduate Study

The undergraduate program is designed for students broadly interested in the following areas: culture and art; professional careers in business and government; teaching professions in fields such as language, social sciences, and history, and further academic study of Latin America, Spain, or Portugal.

The Latin American and Iberian Studies program offers interdisciplinary undergraduate courses for students in the program. LAIS course offerings range in type from lecture classes with discussion sections to small seminars taught by faculty affiliated with the program and individualized independent study. Faculty affiliated with the LAIS program offer these classes, assisted in some courses by LAIS graduate students. A full list of these courses can be found below.

In addition to the courses that LAIS offers, students also take courses in other programs and departments, including Art History, Economics, Film Studies, Music, Religious Studies, Spanish and Portuguese language and literature, Linguistics, History, Anthropology, Black Studies, Chicana and Chicano Studies, Environmental Studies, Political Science, Sociology, and Feminist Studies.

Students are also encouraged to pursue coursework in the University of California Education Abroad Program (EAP), which has study centers in Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, and Brazil. Students can take advantage of the EAP to strengthen their language skills, gain important cultural experience, and earn credit toward their degrees. Please see the undergraduate or graduate advisor if you are interested in this option. With the approval of the Director, students can also pursue internships for academic credit.

Latin American and Iberian Studies may be taken as either a minor or a major. The major may be taken as part of a double major in combination with another discipline, such as history, global studies, anthropology, or economics subject to the 8-unit limit on overlapping upper-division courses.

Details of both the major and the minor can be found by clicking the tabs to the left.